Mar 18, 2006

Saturday Shopping

Today was such a nice day, we went out to run some errands. The weather reminded me of summer... just a reminder that the hot weather is just around the corner and how much I would love to get out of the Arizona heat when it starts getting too hot. My girls have been asking a lot recently to take a trip to Disney ("land" or "world", either would be fine by them!) We're hoping to start saving to take a family trip in the next year or two. I found a great website for vacation home orlando. That really got my mind going in the direction of saving. Last night I started a new blog to chronicle our savings goals (in general)! I'll post a link when I get a few more posts up.

I was able to FINALLY visit Sprouts today. What a cool store! As you know from my previous posts, I really love Trader Joes, but in my opinion, Sprouts is so much better. They have huge bins of things like flours, grains, nuts, beans, a huge variety of different kinds of rice, etc. If there's one in your area I would highly suggest you take a visit! I picked up some whole wheat pastry flour, flax seed meal and a variety of little things like graham cookies and chocolate covered pretzels for the kids. The prices are awesome!


Cate said...

Ahhhh, Orlando. I was so tempted to do the Disney thing with Nicholas this year, but we decided to wait one for year... I can't wait to take him there.

Joe said...

Sprouts is such a fun store! We love their bulk section!

We did the vacation home thing in Disney World before - it was fun, but we missed the "magic" of staying on property. The last time we went back we stayed on-site.

Michele said...

Cate, I can't wait to take my girls either. I have been to Disneyland a few times but never Disneyworld.

Joe, Sprouts is very fun! Thanks for the tip about Disney, I will keep that in mind.