Aug 8, 2008

A New Blog

For some time now I have been feeling led to start a new blog. Not "another blog" per say, but something new, different and one that I would dedicate myself to exclusively. Although I have a passion for blogging and have 4 blogs at this time, my time is no longer allowing me to maintain them all. God really has been leading me to start an "all-in-one" sort of blog relating to my life as a Christian wife, mom, homeschool teacher and all the other things that go on in our home. So, from now on if you would like to visit with me, please stop by my new Blog Ripening On The Vine. It is a work in progress, so please stop by often! That is the only place I will be blogging now. I'll be covering lots of different topics and there will surely be a new recipe now and then as well. Feel free to stay here a while too if you would like, I have plenty of recipes, tips and ideas in the archives that you will enjoy! Thanks for stopping by, and to my long time readers, I hope you will join me on my new blogging adventure!