May 15, 2006

New Poll

I'm a little late with the poll this week. Here are last week's stats for the question "How often do you eat dessert?":

Answers Votes Percent
Every day 4 15%
A couple of times a week 16 59%
A couple of times a month 6 22%
A few times a year 1 4%
Never, I don't like sweets 0 0%

I am like the majority of you, I usually eat dessert a couple of times a week. On the days that I don't I usually have some sort of late night snack. I really need to cut back on those snacks, LOL!

The new poll is up, please take a moment to vote! :)


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I use my stand mixer the most.

Erika W. said...

I use my coffee maker the most- at least twice a day, sometimes more if I have company.

Michele said...

Jenn, I really need to get a stand mixer, I know I would use it often.

Erika, we don't own a coffee maker but I think I need to get one since my hubby drinks coffee once in a while.