May 13, 2006

Mother's Day Goodies

How is it possible to create 3 dozen sweet rolls of 3 different varieties without spending all day in the kitchen? Use frozen bread dough! That's exactly what I did to make up some Mother's Day goodies to take with us to church tomorrow. If you look in the freezer section on your supermarket you will find bread dough sold in three loaf packages. The one I like it by Rhodes. Let the dough thaw in your refrigerator and then one loaf at a time roll the dough out into rectangles. About 6 x 14 inches works well. Spread the dough with butter then top as you like. Here's what I did today:

Cinnamon Raisin Rolls - I spread the dough with melted butter then topped with cinnamon and raisins. These are frosted with a traditional confectioners sugar icing.

Caramel Walnut Rolls - I spread these with melted butter then topped with chopped walnuts and cinnamon. These are frosted with Betty Crocker Caramel icing.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Rolls - I spread these with melted butter topped with a puree of frozen strawberries (thawed) with a little sugar added. These are frosted with a cream cheese icing.

Once you top the rolls, roll the dough up jelly roll fashion, starting at one of the long ends. Cut the roll into 12 equal slices and put the rolls (with space between them) into 9 x 13 in. pans sprayed with non-stick spray. Let them rise 3 hours then bake according to the directions on the dough package (check them after 30 minutes to make sure they are not browning too quickly). Remove them from the oven when done and ice them while still hot.

For the icings this is what I did:

confectioners sugar icing - confectioners sugar (about 1 c.) thinned with just enough milk to make is spreadable.

Caramel icing - store bought by Betty Crocker

Cream Cheese Icing - confectioners sugar (about 1 c.), 2 Tbsp. cream cheese and 2 Tb. butter creamed with enough milk to make it spreadable.


Anonymous said...

These look like a real treat for Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to you!


Hellin Heels said...

Have you ever tried this with home made bread dough? I try not to buy anything prepackaged due to the preservatives.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm!! They look absolutely yummy! I think I just gained five pounds looking at them, LOL! There is no way I would be able to make these and have sitting at my house - I would be in them constantly!

Michele said...

Paz, thanks so much, a belated Happy Mother's day to you too!

SAHM I Am, I think any bread dough would work just fine. If you take a look at my baked goods link off to the left under recipes, you will see my regular cinnamon roll recipe and that is what I would normally use for a sweet roll.

Sandy, that's exactly why I made them to share at church I would have eaten them all myself if I had baked them just for us! :)

Cyndi said...

Oh my! These all look fabulous. Unfortunately, I'll never eat them while I'm trying to be "good." AAcck. Even if I did what you did and made them to share, I'd probably eat the whole bunch! I really like the strawberry idea.

Michele said...

Cyndi, they were so good! I had to offer the leftovers to some friends otherwise I would have eaten the rest myself ;)