May 29, 2006

A new poll, finally!

I was having problems logging in to create a new poll last week but now I have one ready for you :) Here are the results from our last poll:

What kitchen appliance do you use most? 45% said coffee or tea maker... we have a lot of coffee drinkers here! ;) I personally would have to say I use my sandwich maker or crock pot the most. I may have said my food processor but I killed it trying to make bread dough... yikes! So that is at the top of my list of things to buy right now.

Vote in the new poll and tell me about your kitchen :)


Deetsa said...

I was surprised to see that your poll didn't cover any neutral colours. My kitchen, and nearly every other kitchen in the teacher-housing around her are based on pale beige walls, white cupboards and palest dove grey counters. In essence: white. Every unit also has maroon blinds. I am so tired of living with this theme that I am willing to break housing rules and adding a touch of colour to the kitchen walls (since I spend time there, why not?). I was thinking of a pale lemon yellow or a pale lime foam colour.

Michele said...

Nerissa, I totally forgot about the neutrals! We are in an apartment and ours is neutrals as well but I like to compliment it with blues.