May 26, 2006

Mini Quiche

Once or twice a month we take treats to church with us to share. Usually I bake some kind of bread or muffins but this time I wanted to do something different. I just bought a couple of mini muffin pans so I figured this would be a great time to try them out. I did make some muffins and little brownie bites in the pans to take but I also wanted a savory item so I make these mini quiche. They look and smell great, can't wait to get a bite :) Here's the recipe, it makes 48 bite size quiche:

Mini Quiche

1 package Pillsbury ready made pie crusts (or you can make your own pastry, make enough for a two crust pie)
4 eggs
1 and 1/2 c. milk or heavy creme
1 c. shredded cheese (cheddar, swiss or similar type)
1/2 lb. diced ham
1/4 c. diced scallions
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
dash nutmeg

In a bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Use a 2 inch circle as a guide (I used a plastic kids size snack cup) and cut out 48 circles from the pie crust (roll it extra thin but not transparent). Re-roll scraps to make enough so you have 48 circles total. Fit each circle into a well of a mini muffin pan, lightly crimp edges with your fingers. Into well put a pinch each of cheese, meat and onions. Pour in enough egg mixture to reach the top edge of each well. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until golden and center is set. (You can test the center by using a toothpick).


Anonymous said...

Yum! I'm sure everyone is happy to be in church that day when you bring those delicious-looking mini quiches!


Kalyn Denny said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for visiting my blog. The mini-quiches look great.

kassy said...

Hi Michelle, those quiches look yummy!! Thanks to your blog I bought a crock pot, now it looks like I need to get some mini muffin pans. I can't wait to try this recipe, my boyfriend says he doesn't like quiche but I bet he will after I make these.

Deetsa said...

nummy, nummy! I love mini quiches

Michele said...

Paz, yes I think everyone was very happy :)

Kalyn, I always enjoy dropping by your blog! Thanks for the compliment on the quiche.

Kassy, how are you enjoying your crock pot? I think your boyfriend will love these. I got the muffin pans for $6 (for two of them!) at the dollar store :)

Narissa, they were very nummy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
Quiche looks fine.I'll make it soon.

Anonymous said...

I made these for Christmas eve and they all went fast!
They were great and very easy!

Rod Simpson said...

Oh my! I tried to make these but with Pilsbury biscuit mix instead. I put them in muffin tins, and well, lets just say they expanded a bit :)

We still ate them and they were tasty! I am going to get the pie crust this week and make them the right way next weekend.

thank you for the recipe!