Jun 28, 2005

What would you make out of...?

... a package of corn tortillas, a half head of cabbage and some leftover Great Northern Beans. Tostadas of course!

Actually, I had no idea of what to make for lunch today. I figured I'd mash the leftover beans with a little cheese, fry the tortillas and that would make a nice light lunch. My 5 year old asked if we had lettuce to put on top and I said, no but I do have cabbage... and some cilantro. She loved that! So, Viola! Add a few packages of Taco Bell sauce from our last fast food trip and we have tostadas. They were really good and I think from now on I will use cabbage instead of lettuce for Mexican food, it adds more substance and I know it must contain a lot more nutrition than lettuce.

The Taco Soup is in the crock pot right now, it smells great!

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