Jun 29, 2005

Special Delivery!

What a cool offer I found. If you sign up at Safeway.com you can actually order your groceries and have them delivered to your home. AND, your first delivery order is FREE (minimum $50 order)! I think this offer is only available in certain areas of the country but it's worth a look to see if you are in the delivery area. The prices are not the best but for the things you DO find that are on sale or of average price it would be well worth it to place an order. Our weather has been averaging 110 degrees lately and with 116 expected today I will certainly be making use of the offer this once. I think the normal delivery charge is around $8 so depending on how much gas it costs you to get to the local grocer it may be a good deal on a normal basis. You can even use your in-store savings card for your on-line purchase, how cool is that?

Speaking of having things delivered... I have found one of the more economical ways to buy herbs and spices is by mail order. My favorite company to buy from is Penzey's. They have a very wide selection, great prices (products comparable to grocery store higher end brands with much lower prices) and the shipping costs are very reasonable. They also have several retail locations around the country. I recently visited the one closest to me and the aromas of the freshly ground spices is just wonderful! There is a jar of each herb and spice offered just for customers to open and sniff.

If you're looking for a wide variety of flavorings for baking, another great site to order from is Spices Etc.

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