Jun 27, 2005

Late Night Ramblings

I really need a smaller crock pot! I want to prepare side dishes along with main dishes while I'm away from home. I signed up with a Freecycle group in my area so hoping a crock will turn up soon. The one I have is a 5 quart and I'd like a 3 quart one to go along with it.

I'm going to call the local food bank tomorrow. Not only do they help those in need, they also offer a great food co-op where you can purchase groceries at a discount. buying from the co-op is going to be one of my on-going shopping strategies. I read that this program is for low income families but since there are 5 of us we qualify though our income is not that low. This is a great deal for us!

I'm thinking I should buy the Mastercook software for our computer. I've been using this great little program called Home Cookin for making grocery lists. It's an upgradeable download that you can use for free. I love it for groceries but it's not the format I'd like for recipes. Mastercook is more the style I would prefer.

Ah well... off to sleep now. Think I'll make a list tomorrow of things I'd like to buy for my cooking adventures.

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