Oct 29, 2005

What's For Breakfast?

A lot of people just grab a box of cold cereal or pop tarts for the kids for breakfast.  That just won’t cut it in our house, my kids love their breakfast and they love variety.  My 5 year old won’t even eat cereal!  To stay on budget I try to vary their morning meals as much as possible while using low cost and healthy ingredients.  Here are some breakfast favorites at our house.

Pancakes – I make up double or triple batches and freeze the leftovers.  Then I flash freeze them and warm them up whenever the kids want them for breakfast

French Toast – Just as with pancakes, I make a lot then freeze the leftovers.  This toast warms up very well in the microwave.

Breakfast Burritos – I make mine with scrambled eggs and cheese.  You can make up several, wrap them in foil and freeze them for a quick breakfast on the run.

Quesadillas – I like to make my quesadillas in a skillet to get the nice crisp bottom but in a rush you can make them in the microwave.  The kids only like cheese but I top mine with salsa.

Oatmeal – My daily breakfast is Blueberry Oatmeal, but the kids won’t eat it that way.  For them I add a little cinnamon and raisins or chopped apples.

Yogurt Parfaits – We layer strawberry or vanilla yogurt with various kinds of chopped fruit, granola and a drizzle of honey.  Sometimes I let them have sprinkles on top.

Muffins – Our favorites are Applesauce Muffins and French Breakfast Muffins.  I freeze them them heat them up as needed.

Quiche – I usually make quiche with cheese (cheddar, Swiss or mozzarella), turkey bacon or ham and minced scallions.  Quiche freeze really well, so I make at least two at a time.

Coffee Cake – To pump up the nutritional value I often add ground flax seed and substitute ½ whole wheat flour for the white flour called for.  I also reduce the amount of sugar called for and always add raisins.  I have a variety of recipes I like for coffee cake.

Cinnamon Toast – after buttering toast just sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.  You can also spread some peanut butter on top and add sliced apples.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches  - for breakfast??  Sure!  Why not?

Cream of Wheat – we like ours with honey instead of sugar

Scrambled Eggs – I always add seasoned salt, chives and a little cheese.

Biscuits – I found my biscuit recipe on Martha Stewart’s site and have never used another one again, they are awesome!  We love them with butter, honey, jam, sliced ham, cheese or just about anything else you’d eat on bread.


Brandi Brown said...

Michele -
These breakfast ideas are great! I've found it so tough to find great breakfast dishes that are quick, but there are several of these we'll have to try.

Michele said...

Thanks Brandi, glad you found some ideas you could use! :)