Oct 26, 2005

Good Health On A Budget

For some time I had been under the misconception that eating frugally meant eating unhealthy. My idea of frugal groceries were Ramen Noodles, bologna, hot dogs and eggs... certainly not foods I would call *healthy*. Recently however, I have come to learn that you can eat healthy and still maintain a budget that will not break your pocketbook. I have started adding more foods to my grocery list that are not only inexpensive but have considerable nutritional value. Some of them are:
  • oatmeal
  • blueberries
  • brown rice
  • a wide variety of beans
  • spinach (fresh and frozen)
  • more frozen vegetables
  • fig bars for the kids (they LOVE these as much as any sugary snack and they are much healthier)
  • flax seed (you can buy this at your local grocer already ground usually in the healh food section or buy it whole at the health food store and grind it yourself. You can read more about the health benefits of flax seed here.)

Here are some excellent resources that I found that will help lead you in the right direction if you want to eat healthy without breaking your pocketbook.

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Feeding Your Family Frugally
5 Heart Healty Foods
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Andreea said...

I love this concept: saving tips and recipes all in one. Will try to adapt your US tips to European shopping!
And will most definitely try out the chicken katsu.

Michele said...

Glad you enjoy the posts Andrea. Let me know how you like the Chicken Katsu, we are making it next week. Can't wait to try this sauce!