Jan 22, 2006

Long Day

No new recipes to share today, it was a long one. We went to church this morning. Today I brought Blueberry Coffee Cake and Banana Bread, but I was not at all happy with either recipe so I won't be posting those. After church, we went out house hunting. We're hoping to move before the summer. So it was Burger King for lunch and frozen pizzas for dinner (Lean Cuisine for me, LOL). This Wednesday is my oldest daughter's 6th birthday so I'm going to be baking her a cake. I'll be sure to post pics. Tomorrow I'll have a new Guest Blogger to introduce, I know you will love the recipes, they are awesome!

since I started my newsletter this month I have received lots of great feedback, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have sent me such nice comments, it means a lot! I had a new idea recently. I enjoy sharing my recipes and finding new recipes so much. I was thinking of putting up a forum here at Chef Michele's Adventures. I have seen a couple of food blogs with forums and they seem to be well received. Any thoughts on this idea ... post a comment and let me know!

I am hoping to make up a few quick-mixes this week. I ran out of my Rice-A-Roni mix so I will do up another batch of that. I also recently saw a recipe for homemade Bisquick, so I am going to give that a try. I don't usually use baking mix but we have some Crisco left from a Christmas cookie recipe and I need to use that up. Besides those mixes I am hoping to make some more baked beans to put in the freezer because we ran out last week. I'm also going to do another batch of Butterscotch Cookies because my husband really loved those and they sure didn't last long last time I made them!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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