Jan 21, 2006

A Meme in 7's

I've been tagged for a 7's cooking meme by Christina of Christina's Kitchen (Thanks Christina!) Here are my replies:

Seven Culinary Things to do Before I Die:

1. Prepare a 7 course meal
2. Buy a Kitchen Aid mixer
3. Have my own garden
4. Write a cookbook
5. Buy a GOOD balsamic vinegar
6. Bake a wedding cake
7. Teach my kids to cook

Seven Things I Can't do in the Kitchen:

1. Make non-greasy gravy from meat drippings
2. Flip a fried egg without breaking the yolk
3. Chop onions without crying
4. Keep the counter tops wiped down so they shine
5. Keep the sink free of dirty dishes
6. Put away everything I take out of the dishwasher
7. Keep the cabinets in perfect order so things don't fall out

Seven Things that Attract me to Food Blogging:

1. My recipes stay organized
2. Food bloggers are fun people
3. New ideas to try
4. Comments on my blog make me happy
5. Everyday food looks great in pictures
6. Memes are fun :)
7. It's more fun than playing games on-line

Seven Things I Say Most Often While Cooking:

1. "Get out of the kitchen, this is HOT!" (to my kids)
2. "Where the heck did I put that _________?"
3. "Ouch!"
4. "Taste this." (to my hubby)
5. "Come on and eat!" (to kids more interested in tv than dinner)
6. "Do you want a snack?" (to my wide eyed one year old who's holding out her hand to me)
7. ""No." (to kids requesting snacks 5 minutes before dinner)

Seven Cookbooks I Love:

1. The Joy of Cooking
2. The Tightwad Gazette (not really a cookbook but lots of recipes)
3. Daisy Cooks
4. The Fix It and Forget It Cookbook
5. Fix It and Forget It Lightly
6. Weight Watchers Complete Cookbook
7. A vintage Watkins cookbook a friend gave me

Seven Cooking Shows I can Watch Over & Over Again:

1. Rick Bayless
2. Daisy Cooks
3. Zonya
4. Everyday Food
5. America's Test Kitchen
6. Lydia's Family Table
7. Martin Yan

Now I tag Cyndi from Cooking with Cyndi, Paula from The Cookbook Junkie and Patti from Adventures in Food and Wine. :)

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