Dec 28, 2005

Weekly Menus To Start Off 2006

Tonight is Soul Food night, I made Pinto Beans, Collard Greens and Corn Bread. Comfort food at it's best! I finally have pictures for these recipes so take a look at my recipes and you will see the finished product there.

I just made up menus for the next two weeks. As usual, we'll be ordering from They had lots of great deals this time so if you have delivery in your are take a look at their site. I guarantee once you shop on-line you won't want to go to the grocery store again (unless it's a leisurely shopping trip for fun of course) :)

Today I also made two loaves of Pineapple-Banana Bread. It is delicious! I used my Easy Banana Bread recipe, with Pineapple cake mix as the base. My banana-hating kids loved it!

Here's what I am planning to prepare for dinner for the next two weeks.

January 1 - BBQ Beef (using my Pulled Pork recipe, but substituting beef for pork) and cole slaw on buns, corn on the cob, potato salad, ranch beans
January 2 - Leftovers
January 3 - Jamaican Red Beans & Rice (From Always In The Kitchen)
January 4 - Leftovers
January 5 - Cuban Chicken, Rice, Beans
January 6
- Chicken, Broccoli and Noodle Casserole (from Culinary In The Desert)
January 7 - Leftovers
January 8 - Spaghetti with Ground Turkey Meatballs
January 9 - Turkey Roast, Stuffing, Gravy, Frozen Peas and Corn with Fresh Carrots
January 10 - Leftovers
January 11 - Great Northern beans, greens, Rice, Corn Bread
January 12 - Leftovers
January 13 - Chili, Biscuits
January 14 - Leftovers


Anonymous said...

wow the is more organized then I will ever be.......
Just another michele visiting.

Michele said...

Hi Michele, :) I was not born this organized, it took some time but not it's just how I do things. Thanks for visiting, hope you come back soon!