Dec 20, 2005


Another busy day preparing for Christmas... hectic but fun! Today the girls and I brought out the Trader Joe's pizza fixings and made pizza for lunch. It was delicious! I had wanted to add some roasted red bell peppers but the girls were not happy with that suggestion. I loved the premade Garlic and Herb pizza crust, it was very flavorful but not overhwleming with garlic. We had some toppings left over so I put those items in the freezer and will be making pizza crust soon so we can make another.

For dinner tonight we had Posole. I had planned on making Sweet Potato Muffins but ran out of time. I should have those baked and a recipe posted tomorrow.


Andrea said...

I always thought that Trader Joes was an expensive gourmet food store. Thanks for letting me know that it was affordable. We have one right down the road I'll have to check out. And, call me crazy, but that pizza looks yummy at 5:30 am.

Michele said...

Drea, TJ's is great, you will get hooked once you shop there. I think I'd got for a slice of pizza at 5:30 am too... hee hee :)