Apr 27, 2006


Don't you just love the UPS guy? :) I sure do! I had been waiting for a package and was so happy when he knocked at my door this morning!

I absolutely LOVE Watkins products. I used to sell them years ago and then became a customer after that. I didn't order often because the shipping was a bit high... my mom, sister and I would combine our orders to save on the shipping. So you can imagine I was very excited a couple of weeks ago when my "Lovely Watkins Lady" Bianca told me that there are new lower shipping rates. How often does that happen? I was very excited to receive my order!

I ordered their Menthol Camphor Ointment for hubby (his favorite Watkins item), a tin of delicious smelling baking cocoa that I can wait to use, a bottle of Powdered Ginger which smells divine and an item I have never tried... Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Mix - yum! Of course they also always include a catalog with specials for the following month so I am looking through that right now to see what goodies I might purchase next. :)

If you're interested in Watkins products, you can contact Bianca at bianca5454 @ neo.rr . com (remove the spaces), or stop by the Watkins website to shop and use her ID# 358211 to make a purchase. They have excellent products, reasonable prices (for a specialty food line) and wonderful customer service!


Deetsa said...

Ahhh... good ole Watkins! I grew up with a number of their products including that green jalapeno hot sauce of their that I just love.

The powdered ginger sounds just divine. What do you think you'll use it in?

Michele said...

Narissa, I've never tired the green jalapeno hot sauce, that sounds really good! I bought the ginger for teriyaki sauce but I will probably make some cookies and gingerbread as well... I love ginger!