Apr 8, 2006

Muffins and a New Poll

Today I decided to try a "Universal Muffin Recipe" that I found in The Complete Tightwad Gazette. I was a little worried at first because I couldn't imagine how one recipe with such wide varations would turn out well. You can use this recipe to make any kind of muffin you could imagine, it tells you how much folur, sweetner, liquid, eggs, additions (dry, moist or wet) to add. I made two batches, one I call Orange Muffins... a very simple recipe with white flour, whole wheat pastry flour and orange extract. The second I call Carrott Cake Muffins because they have raisins, grated carrots and cruched pineapple. Both batches of muffins turned out wonderful! We'll be taking those with us to church tomorrow. I really love The Complete Tightwad Gazette, it has several "universal" recipes along with many other great recipes and tips for frugal living.

I put up a new poll for the week (to your left) so please vote! Last weeks poll revealed that most of you shop for your groceries at various stores for various items while the second highest vote went to shopping at a chain grocer. I was actually surprised that no one voted that they shop on-line. It can certainly be a little more expensive but it is very convenient. We do our shopping on-line with Safeway.com in the summer to avoid taking the kids out in the heat when we don't have to. (it can get dangerously hot here in the desert Southwest). During the rest of the year I am a store hopper when I have the time. I know which items I like from various stores so I try to shop around. Not to mention the great bargains you find when you visit various stores.

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