Apr 4, 2006

On The Mend

Not much to post about since I have been down with a sinus infection the past couple of days. I am really looking forward to getting back in the kitchen since I am feeling a lot better now (thanks to my doc!). While laying around resting I have been making plans for Easter. I am really undecided on what I should prepare for dinner because my crew is not so big on ham or turkey. I was thinking of chicken and dumplings. Although not a fancy meal it is one that has been requested lately and I know would be enjoyed by all of us :) I need to figure out what to make for side dishes. My 6 year old and 4 year old enjoy holidays so much, we will make it a festive day. I am thinking I will get some table decorations and even buy flowers. Now I just have to decide what to prepare for dessert! There are so many good looking recipes out there I'm sure we'll find a great one. I'm hoping to have some new recipes to share tomorrow so please stop by again!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Michele said...

Thanks Emily. This sinus thing has really got me but I think I am pretty much over it now. Gotta love the spring time huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Michele, hope you're feeling better. Sinus infections are NOT fun!

I love the non traditional menus for holidays. I think people should eat their favorites at holiday time. It's not about WHAT you eat anyway.

Rest up and feel better soon so you'll have your usual yummy recipes to post for us!!!!


Michele said...

Thanks so much Tammy! I'm hoping to squeeze one recipe in today. I'm getting caught up around house today but the cooking bug is biting ;)