Feb 16, 2006

I'd Rather Have A Cheese Sandwich

Take a look at this... two nice slices of whole wheat bread sandwiched with gooey, melting sharp cheddar, slathered with butter and fried to a nice golden brown... "Boring"? I think not! Cheese sandwiches are nice and warm... comeforting and engaging. That's exactly how *I* think of my fellow food bloggers, most of whom were recently accused by Pete Wells of Food and Wine magazine of spouting "pointless cheese-sandwich meanderings" in our "tiny empires of boredom". So in honor of Cheese Sandwich Day 2006 I thought I'd share my sandwich with you. I'll just have to tell you, I've never met a cheese sandwich (or a food blogger) that I didn't find facinating and enjoyable.
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Hellin Heels said...

What would life be without a grilled cheese and a bowl of chili? I don't want to know!

Darlaing said...

Hey Michele! I use a big blue, speckled canning/stock pot, those work really well and are usually sold where ever you buy canning jars. It is super easy. Just boil the cans for 5-10 minutes and viola! I've never used a pressure canner because they scare me. Another way to can sans boiling is to fill the jars, tighten the lids and then let them cool, upside down for 24 hours. This isn't recommended by the USDA but it's pretty safe with jams, jellies and marmalades. It's hard to get sick off of them. I wouldn't recommend that method with vegetables. Actually, the upturned can-method is what I originally used for the jellies, but I didn't want to post something not recommended by the USDA. Now my secret is out! hehe

p.s. I made your sweet potato muffins the other day: YUM!