Feb 8, 2006

BBM4 - It's here!

Yesterday was a very nice day. My hubby and kids woke me up with gifts for my birthday. My daughter (6 yrs old) got me a toaster! Can you believe I don't own one? Well, I DID own one... until I dropped butter inside of it and ruined the heating element (ok, you can go ahead and laugh). So I was so happy to get the new one. My 3 year old gave me an adorable teddy bear. Then we went shopping and I got to buy this great piece of exercize equipment I had been wanting called The Gazelle. Then hubby took us to dinner at Mimi's Cafe where I had the most amazing Spinach and Ricotta Manicotti. To top of the day I arrived home to a notice that I had received 2 packages in the mail! One was an awesome kitchen timer from my sister and the second was my BBM4 package. And what a cool package!

My BBM4 package came from Kansas from Heather at Eating For One. She sent me the most delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies along with the recipe (which I WILL be trying soon). I also received a package of Black Currant Scone Mix (yum!), two packages of Pocky, a sheet of Hershy Kiss Stickers (too cute!), a CD called "Ultimate Gourmet" (lovely music to cook by), a scented candle, a hand made greeting card, a little grocery pad and maganet that both say "There's No Place Like Home", a sweet little tiger recipe card holder and a snow man cookie cutter. I also got a very nice letter from Heather telling a little more about herself and her blog and another recipe for Potato Leek Soup (sounds delicious!). I was very honored to receive such a nice package. Thanks Heather!


The Cookbook Junkie said...

Let me know what you think of the Gazelle. My sister gave me her's but I could never work up a sweat on it. Luckily she also gave me her treadmill which works great but I'm getting a little bored with it.

Michele said...

So far I LOVE it! I am so out of shape, I think it was just the right thing to get me off to a good start with exercizing again.

Darlaing said...

How fun to have gotten the package on your birthday!! The scone mix sounds great! I love BBM, I had a heck of a time deciding what yo include though.