Jul 9, 2005


I made menus for the next pay period, now just need to make grocery list and assess costs.

Menus as follows...

July 16 - tostadas, refried beans, spanish rice
July 17 - spaghetti, broccoli-cauliflower
July 18 - butter beans, corn bread, greens
July 19 - chili and mac and cheese
July 20 - leftovers
July 21 - bbq chicken, broiled potatos, broccoli mix
July 22 - curry chicken and rice, broccoli
July 23 - pepper steak and rice, mixed vegetables
July 24 - pinto beans, corn bread, rice
July 25 - leftovers
July 26 - enchiladas, refried beans, spanish rice
July 27 - baked beans, hot dogs, mac and cheese
July 28 - northern beans, rice, corn bread
July 29 - leftovers
July 30 - ground beef and rice casserole, vegetables
July 31 - soba noodles with beef and vegetables, rice


Anonymous said...

Your menu relies heavily on TexMex ingredients. I have also found them to be very cost effective. Years ago I bought an Ortho book called Adventures in Mexican Cooking (out of print now) that was very good on easy, everyday recipes. It had a section on Sopas Secas or dry soups. These could be made with rice, various kinds of pastas or even torn tortillas. The liquids are cooked down until "dry". I freqently use the idea to make a very tasty and frugal meal. In my variation, I saute rice in a little oil until it begins to brown. You have to keep stirring so it doesn't burn, but it gives the rice a nice,chewy texture. When the rice is browned, I add a broth made from any kind of chicken, beef, pork or seafood base (I get them at an oriental store where they are cheaper). I then add vegetables starting with onions, garlic, peppers, or tomatoes, You can make it vegetarian or add small amounts of sliced or diced meat or seafood. It doesn't take much - just enough to add flavor. You simmer the rice until the broth is absorbed. You can also use very thin vermicelli (get it in Mexican markets for 33cents a package). If you mix the rice and vermicelli and brown them together it becomes a better version of Rice-a-Roni. I never make the same recipe twice. I've even made Oriental versions by adding soy sauce as it cooks.

Michele said...

Oh! You're making a sopa :) I make those probably every other day for my kids. If you make it the way I do you can also add cheese, I use small pasta and tomato sauce, chicken flavoring (Caldo De Pollo), cumin, chili powder, garlic and when it cooks down stir in some shredded cheese. VERY cost effective and tasty too :)