Aug 30, 2006

Free Chocolate!

I thought my last post would be the last for a while, until I found this offer for FREE CHOCOLATE online today. It is only good through the end of September so sign up now! :)


domestika said...

FREE CHOCOLATE!! It doesn't get any better than that... and as a Canuck, I'm especially thrilled that Nestle allows international signups, too!
Michele, thank you thank you for the heads-up on this!
{jumping around and smacking lips in anticipation}

Julie VW said...

Yes, Thank you!
Great link :-)

Alysha said...

Hey, I just got an email from the Chocolatier team about someone who "leaked" this link before it was live. Was that you?? ;) :) :)

Michele said...

Just went to WalMart to cash in my TWO free coupons yesterday. It's nice when a freebie is for REAL! Hope some of you were able to cash in on this one too. :)